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The English language in the world


For various reasons, English has become an international lanUKEnglishguage. Born in a medium-sized island near the European northern coast, this Germanic-rooted language travelled worldwide and became the mother tongue in a few countries, a second language in many others and a língua franca for a multitude of travellers, business people and Internet surfers among others.


We are going to walk along that path so as to get a closer view of its various stages of development and the varieties that have resulted from this process. Are you all on board?


English like most of the European languages belongs to a greater family, the Indo-European language family, which is believed to have its roots somewhere in Asia Minor as the map shows.


We can start with the stages of evolution  the language went through while still confined to Britain.


kjv-erasNotice the difference in writing:



A video to help you understand some subleties of the english language:



Now it’s up to you to write a little bit about each stage:


The contribution from 12º2 and 12º1 classes:

The long path of the English Language_12º1

The long path of the English Language_12º2


 What about the future of the English language?

Will English a truly world language? Or will it break up into several dialects?

Get an answer by watching this video:




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