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Inversion of Subject and Verb



As the title says we have an inversion when the normal subject-verb order is reversed and the verb comes before the subject of that sentence.



  • That happens in the interrogative form:









  • Another reason this structure may be adopted is for emphasis.









  • Inversion can also be used after¬† So / Neither / Nor¬† to express one’s agreement.

so neither








  • In conditional clauses when you omit if .


Should you decide to come earlier, call me.

Were I you, I would do the same.

Had I been in the same circumstances, I would have racted in the same way.




  • Finally, inversion is used after adverbials with a negative or restrictive meaning when they come at the beginning of the sentence.


negative adverbials


Never had I witnessed such an outrageous disrespect!

Hardly could I believe my eyes!

Under no circumstances would he accept those conditions.

Little did he know about the truth.

Scarcely had I begun to speak when I was interrupted.

No sooner had he left his home than the burglars broke in.

Not only did they take all the money they could find, but they also smashed the furniture.


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