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~Extreme adjectives & intensifiers~



Many adjectives (gradable) can be modified using other words to strengthen or weaken their meaning.

  • Let’s go in. It is a bit cold here!
  • It’s not very comfortable here.
  • I’m not feeling very well!

Other adjectives (non-gradable) cannot be modified with these words because they already have an extreme meaning.

  • Área de transferência01Dear God, it’s freezing here!
  • I’m feeling awful!


See if you can link each base adjective with its adequate extreme match.




Besides very , you can use other words (adverbs)  such as absolutely, extremely, really, etc. to intensify adjectives. Check their use below and how they modify the adjective.



You can also use so and such to emphasize qualities or characteristics.

  • It was so cold that my feet almost froze.
  • It was such a cold winter that we could hardly go out.

Look at the difference:



Now a few exercises:

1.Extreme adjectives (matching)

2. So and such (gap-filing)


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