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 Conditional clauses


Conditional tenses are used to speculate about events that may still happen or that have already taken place.

To convey that idea of condition these clauses may include one of these connectors:

provided / providing
as long as
in case

If you heat water to 100 degrees Celsius, it boils.
Ask him whether is coming or not.
We’ll be late unless we hurry.
I’ll agree to it provided / as long as you accept my conditions.
Take my keys in case you arrive earlier.

Types of conditional clauses


comic -1-2-3-conditionals
Based  on the same situation we can create more than one conditional sentence. It all depends on the degree of probability I attribute to that condition. Most common conditional clauses can be grouped into 4 main types.
Here you can see them below:


Besides these four types, we can also create mix types 2 and 3. they are called mixed types. Look at the following examples:

If I had studied harder, I would have a better job now.  =  past condition with a present result

If we knew about your coming, we would have picked you at the station. = imaginary condition with  an impossible past result

Exercises on conditional clauses


Omitting IF / Inversion

In more formal situations you may omit if and use  the following structures:

should + subject  + verb  – for probable situations in the present or future

Should you wish to cancel your reservation, please contact our customer service department.

= if you wish to cancel…

 were + subject  + to + verb  – for improbable conditions (present or future)

Were the PM to cancel his visit , he would send a message. = If the PM were to cancel…

had + subject  + past participle  – for impossible conditions (past)

Had he known about the riots, hae wouln’t have come. = If he had known about….

Revise what we said in class with the eletronic presentation and then use the links below for more practice:


conditional clauses_B

Conditional clauses  C


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