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English Test

Dearest 12º1,BeFunky_PopArt_10

As I could not find any other way of warning you about the room, I’m using the blog.

You’ll be doing your test in your usual classroom (A207).

Can you spread the word among you? I’d be grateful.

See you tomorrow.

Ana Maria Coelho


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Phrasal verbs

Phrasal verbsphrasal verbs

Phrasal verbs are quite common in everyday life as they are used in informal language.



They are composed of mainly two parts:

a base verb and one  particle (in some cases two).

With a common verb like go or get there are many combinations. Look at the examples:





Some of the particles are separable some are not.


There are many varieties, but we may organize them by using their common verb or their common particle.




Would you like to review the presentation we used in the class?

Click here: Multi-word_verbs_presentation1

Would you like a list? Click here.

A few more exercises?

Exercise 1

Exercise 2

Exercise 3

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relativesRelative clauses

Relative clauses are an ingenious way of connecting sentences so as to give more cohesion to a paragraph or a text.


Some of these clauses provide essential information and are called defining clauses, while others simply give the reader additional, but non-essential information about the subject. In that case they are non-defining.


The most common relative pronouns are the following:




How do you use them? Look at the table below.



To review the presentation we used in the class, click here: Relative Clauses_12º_2015

For further information use the following link:  http://wp.me/p2im1O-87

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